is a free Cameroon online advertising resource which offers a more  extensive array of listings than your local newspaper. Our objective is to give you a simple and easy to use tool that lets you quickly find what you are looking for. You can post free ads of just about anything you are selling and find just about everything you need on your local Mokanjo classifieds.

What does Mokanjo stand for:

   - Online classifieds should be free to the public
   - Local trade is the best and safest way to conduct business
   - Together we CAN fight scams on the Internet
   - Classifieds should be easy to use

As life gets more and more hectic, it become more and more difficult to find time for some of those things we really need to live our lives. Who has the time to move from neighborhood to neighborhood searching for that illusive house-to-let advert. Who has as many friends and connections to tell them about that job opening that suits them best. Who has enough time and resource to announce to the world that the old motorcycle they don't ride anymore is in fact for sale - just post your advert on Mokanjo. Who has time navigating those unsecured and un-moderated sites full of fake ads? Avoid Scams and Fraud. steps in to help!

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